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With children in the home and a swimming pool in the backyard, supervision becomes very important to that child's safety. Even supervision, by itself, is not nearly enough.

Studies done by the CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION have shown that almost 70% of swimming pool accidents occurred when BOTH PARENTS WERE HOME AND WATCHING THE CHILD! 10% were responsible adults other than parents and 20% of accidents in swimming pools occurred when a sitter or a sibling was watching the children. Of all the accidents that occur around a pool with small children, 77% of those children had been seen within the previous five minutes!

The following list is provided to guide parents of children under 5 years of age with a swimming pool in the yard:

  • Doors leading to the pool should be kept locked AND alarmed.
  • Install a barrier around the entire pool, the only reason to go through that barrier should be to use the pool. This is a MUST DO with small children. Make sure your barrier protects ALL doors, gates and windows leading into the pool area.
  • If a child is missing, check the pool first. Time is critical if the child has entered the water and is submerged.
  • When having a party, DESIGNATE A CHILD WATCHER to protect the children. Adults become preoccupied when socializing. They often assume someone else is watching the kids.
  • Don't consider children "water safe" because they have had swimming lessons. There are no "water safe" children, because their maturity level for good judgment has not developed.
  • No one should ever swim alone. Teach your children to use the buddy system. Since children learn by example, parents should follow these safety tips too.
  • Learn CPR. Anyone responsible for children, such as baby sitters, should know CPR.
  • Radios, CD players and ALL other electrical equipment should be kept away from the pool area and any other area that is wet.
  • Toys and games should not be stored or left near the pool. Children do not know right from wrong and have no concept of FEAR. The attraction of toys near the pool is much too inviting for them.
  • Keep a telephone and rescue equipment near the pool area and make sure they are in working order.
  • Do NOT use drugs or alcohol when you plan to use the pool.
  • Do not dive in the shallow end of a pool
  • Stay out of the pool during thunder and lightning storms. Wait 15 minutes from the last sound of thunder to re-enter the pool.

The above recommendations were developed through experience and common sense. Please supervise your children at all times and install a barrier around your pool. The National Spa and Pool Institute, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the American Academy of Pediatrics, ALL RECOMMEND A BARRIER AROUND THE POOL! This Barrier should be a minimum of 4 feet high.

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