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Child Safety Fence Accessories

  • 3 month your backyard will be mosquito-free zone in a most ecod friendy way.
  • 4 unites conver 10,000 square feet only use 1 low voltage transformer. 
  • No chemicals no fumes no insects.

Self Latching Magnetic Gate Latch - Uses a Dual Action to unlock the gate

Quick Facts:
  • Self Latching gate latch for pool fence gates and baby and pet gates
  • Dual Alarms: Audible / Flashing LED (orange) lights
  • Magnetic gate closes shut & stays closed
  • Alarm goes off if gate is not latched, not just closed. Gate beeps each time it opens/closes
  • Ideal for gates around swimming pools, childcare centers, anywhere childcare safety is critical
  • Simple installation process
  • Lifetime Warranty from D&D Technologies
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