1 Lay out & measure your fence


Planning is the first step of any successful project. Decide where you would like your fence to surround; the recommended distance to stay from the edge of the pool is 2 feet or more. Never plan to run your fence within 8 inches of poolside.
While planning your fence, make sure no other activity other than the pool is within the protected area. Children should never need to enter the pool fence area other than to swim when properly supervised. If toys and other objects are stored within the protected area move the storage area.
Take a thick rope, garden hose or other similar object and place it on the intended path of the fence. Step back and look; ask yourself is there anything on the inside of the fence that will attract my child? Will I have enough room to move around to clean my pool? Mark the beginning and ending points of the fence of your rope or hose. Pull the hose straight and use a tape measure to measure from the marked beginning point to the ending point.

2 Designate your entryway

Planning your entryway is an important step that should be taken in consideration prior to deciding how many fence sections, ground sleeves, and poles are needed. Our fence does not come with a hinged gate. An opening on our fence is where two sections of fencing meet. When two sections of fence meet there will be two poles next to one another connected by a spring loaded spring-loaded hook and eye. To enter the pool area you would follow the same procedure as you would if you were removing the fence; unhook the spring-loaded hook and eye and remove the first pole of the section from the hole. Now you can either role that pole along the mesh to the next pole in the section and place it in a set back hole or pull the pole back at an angle away from the fence and place it in a set back hole. You can create as many openings as you would like, the fence will remain taught and secure.

We recommend the design of the opening be either 3 or 6 feet wide and should be located near the steps or where you would naturally enter the pool.

3 Measure your fence

When purchasing your supplies you will need to know how much fencing to buy. Measure along the rope or garden hose already laid out. Each of our lengths of panels are 12 ft wide and have a 2.25 inch spacing between them. Measure from the center point of a 6 foot gate to the end of each run and figure out how to use the panels most efficiently, often it is possible to utilize all the panels as full panels except the final one. The final hole most likely will not be a full 36?for the last pole in that section of fence. This is OK; the fence is designed for easy modification to end where you need it.