1 Consult the site

Much as you are doing right now. Review DIYPoolFence.com to be sure you understand all that will be involved in constructing your pool safety fence. Knowledge before you make your purchase will lead to satisfaction after you receive the product; this is the philosophy we used as a guideline for building our site. Strategic design of our site has placed us as a premier resource for information on fence design as well as a leading supplier of affordable, quality pool fencing safety materials.
Review the additional pieces and your design. Ask yourself if you need extra poles? Extra poles will require extra sleeves. Are you splitting a run of fence to create an entryway? If so, you will need extra fence junction spring-loaded hooks & eyes, the ones that come with the kit will still be used at the ends. It is beneficial to include all necessary parts in a single order, not only will your get you project started faster but you will save in shipping.
DIY Pool Fence also offers toll-free customer service 9-5 ET Monday through Friday. A live customer support representative, not a recording, will promptly assist you. In addition we offer toll-free technical support to answer all of your fence planning and installation questions. Technical support can be reached 7 days a week from 9-9 ET.

2 Order your fence kit

DIY Pool Fence has an easy to use online ordering system. We have worked hard to simplify the purchasing process and bring the highest level of online security. Shipment tracking is offered to keep you in continual update on the status of your shipment.

Important Ordering Considerations

a) You can order fence by the foot. Your fence will arrive in twelve-foot sections and if the length ordered is not a multiple of twelve the last section will be less than twelve.
Example: If you were to purchase of 27 feet you would receive 2 twelve-foot sections and 1 three-foot section.

b) A pole comes with every three feet of fence purchased. You need to end your fence with a pole. If your end measurement is not a multiple of 3 than you would need to purchase an extra pole. It will automatically be added to your shopping cart.
Example: If you were to purchase 25 feet you would receive 2 twelve-foot sections and the first pole of the one-foot section. The second pole of the one-foot section would need to be purchased separately along with an extra ground sleeve.

c) If you are planning to go up stairs you will need two poles per every step, plastic ground sleeves for the poles and spring-loaded hook & eyes to connect the poles.
Example: If you have your base level, one step, and the upper level you will need a pole at the edge of the upper level, 2 poles for the one step and a pole at the beginning of the base level. Then you will need two spring-loaded hook & eyes; one to connect the pole at the top level with the first step pole and the other to connect the pole at the end of the step with the base level pole. You will also need plastic sleeves to go with each extra pole.